The Sonovision group’s centers in Romania and India began operating since 2006.

Initially working only on AIRBUS, services have now expanded to include the full range of editorial businesses.

Our centers are at Iasi in the north-east of Romania near Moldavia, and at Bangalore in the State of Karnataka in the south of India. Today around 400 staff (mainly senior technicians and engineers) work in efficient, modern, town-center offices.

The quality of local universities and engineering institutions was of course one of the key factors for Sonovision when deciding to set up in these 2 towns.

In many areas there is full synergy with the 2 centers and, despite the enormous climate differences that separate them, the common denominators between the teams are their dynamism, their motivation to learn and their permanent drive towards improving and providing services that are increasingly efficient and of ever better quality.

The teams managed by our division heads and local project managers are gradually absorbing Group culture, but maintaining a distinctive local flavor.

These richly diverse multi-cultural contacts are not however distracting us from our aim of delivering a product of consistent quality, whichever country is requiring it, thanks primarily to standardized processes, common tools and quality measured against common standards.

The high point of working with a world-wide team is the pleasure that comes from meeting colleagues from different countries and backgrounds. In addition to the vital professional contribution they have been asked to make, having to be part of a different sort of everyday life even for just a moment is enough to transcend cultural differences. And this is what in the end makes Sonovision’s teams generally so successful - getting to know and understand each other.

In a business in which success depends heavily on the Group’s human resources, the quality of these gradually created relationships is essential to maintaining and improving our position against ever more international competition.

Whether you go for hot or cold, spicy or mild, our teams will be happy to help you.

Take a bite out of a different slice of life.